Terms & Conditions


You are just one step away from your perfect wedding

A minimum deposit of twenty-five (25%) percent is required to reserve your date and venue. Another payment of minimum twenty-five (25%) percent to be paid thirty (30) days later. Final payment and final count is due fourteen (14) days before the function. You will void your contract if you fail to meet your final payment deadline.

Your setting will be done for the amount of persons paid for. If you have additional guests they must be paid for before they are seated and served. However, we reserve the right not to seat any additional person. There will be no refund for no-show guests and boxing of food is not permitted.

Prior arrangement must be made with management for the allowance of additional foods, beverages, decorations, furniture and equipment to be brought in. Where applicable, a minimum charge will be assessed. The items brought in must be removed immediately following the function.

Your function cannot be guaranteed if you are late beyond your allotted time. Kindly note your commencement and conclusion times on your contract. Failure to start on time will result in a charge of $2,500 per half (1/2) hour, or part thereof that you are late. Further, there is a charge of $2,500 per half (1/2) hour or part thereof, in excess of your ending time. Such charges will be taken from the refundable security deposit.

We are aware that a number of factors can adversely affect your planning and for this we will allow one free postponement. However, no postponement is allowed on or after the final payment date. A fee of ten (10%) percent of the total contractual cost will be assessed for each subsequent postponement. Postponement must be done in person with all the original receipts by the individual who signed the contract or an authorized agent with ID.

All cancellations attract a fee of twenty-five (25%) percent of the total contractual cost. However, cancellations done fourteen (14) days or less before the function will result in the refund of only the security deposit if paid. All cancellations must be done in person by the individual who signed the contract or an authorized agent with ID and the original receipts.

Refunds will be paid by cheque after seven (7) working days.

NB. This contract, once signed, will not be affected by any price increase.