Honeymoon Destination in Jamaica

Get Honeymoon Packages In Jamaica To Enjoy Newly Wedded Bliss

An abundance of bliss flowsin as you say “I do,” and what’s a better way to celebrate that union of love other than going to Jamaica for the honeymoon. With so many romantic places to visit in Jamaica, no wonders that it makes an ideal honeymoon destination. All-inclusive honeymoon packages in Jamaica cater to exceptional experiences that couples can cherish for the rest of their lives.

From world-class luxury to historical sightseeing, this island nation is rich with many options that you can never say no to.

Jamaica- Perfect place for a romantic getaway

Start the new chapter of your life by spending some quality time with your partner at Jamaica’s sugary-white beaches and beautiful landscapes. For couples looking for a romantic getaway, this place can dazzle all the senses. Many companies offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages in Jamaica that fit your budget and offer all the itineraries you want to experience with your partner.

Choose a Pristine location

When choosing honeymoon packages in Jamaica, make sure that you choose to stay at a private and pristine location where you can spend a good time with your partner while enjoying the serene landscape of the country.

Try fun activities

From fun water sports to soothing sightseeing, you can do all the romantic things with your partner. You can try local cuisine or hike through the mountain trails to watch the sunset together. It is truly an island of eternal beauty and romance where the newlyweds can enjoy immense bliss.

Shop bridal accessories

Who said bridal accessories are just for couples getting married? You can shop for unique bridal accessories and flaunt them while on a honeymoon with your partner. You can find breathtakingly beautiful accessories in Jamaica, from boho hair accessories to beautiful pearl jewels.

Go for an experienced honeymoon package provider

Turn your Jamaica honeymoon dreams into reality with Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre. Their all-inclusive honeymoon packages can make planning your trip much more manageable. They play a significant role in making your romantic getaway memorable and cost-effective.

Summary: For newlyweds, the best way to enjoy harmonious love & laughter with their partner is by booking honeymoon packages in Jamaica that offer remarkable experiences that they will cherish forever.

Wedding Gazebo

Got Engaged! What About Planning for Your Wedding Ceremony in Jamaica?

You and your fiancé deserve the best and most enticing wedding ceremony in Jamaica. For sure, you will enjoy saying ‘I do’ more in such an attractive place. Jamaica has glazing sunsets and picturesque beaches. The tropical island has much more to offer at your wedding. The contribution of Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre in arranging your wedding ceremony in Jamaica will make your moments even more special.

Make it your big day

Jamaica has almost everything that you need for your wedding. It is well equipped with the natural attractions that make any wedding ceremony in Jamaica special. The country is also unique in terms of its enticing wedding ceremony venues.

Keep track of expenses

wedding venues in Jamaica.

Wedding ceremony venues in Jamaica offer you a destination with loads of promises. You need to evaluate them accordingly by keeping your requirements in mind. You should keep track of all the expenses in all the temptations to ensure that nothing goes beyond your wedding budget. Seeking the assistance of a responsible wedding planner will keep things handy for you.

Plan your wedding in Jamaica today 

Staggering sunsets, attractive views, and romantic ambiance, everything will serve to your wedding ceremony. Though several wedding ceremony venues in Jamaica are available to promise you the best event, you need to calculate every constraint before booking the one for your special day. Just exchange the rings and start planning for taking the wedding vows in the best venue of Jamaica with all the astounding preparations.

Choose your ideal planner 

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is the best place to help you arrange your wedding ceremony in Jamaica. The renowned agency provides capable assistance in all aspects of your wedding plan, from venue selection to cuisine, decoration to arrangement for guests, and more.

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How to Single Out the Best of the Wedding Reception Venues in Jamaica

A wedding is a celebration of two lives planning to sail through together. It is not only about wearing a suit and a gown but also about creating a memory to cherish forever. Several destination wedding packages in Jamaica are available to make your wedding special.

No matter how many friends and family you invite, wedding reception venues in Jamaica should treat them in a great manner. You must find the perfect venue to greet and treat them well. Here are some prerequisites for the same.

1. Check the location

Though you can check the destination wedding packages in Jamaica, one needs to think about the location of the venue as it matters a lot. The ambiance around the venue should make you feel special and must add charm to your album as well.

2. Concern the planner

Of course, you may have ideas for your wedding; all you need is to discuss the same with the plan of your venue. There must be a proper understanding between both of you. Your personal touch will be there with the required intervention in your wedding decorations.

3. Balance the budget

Sometimes, the ideas that the venues suggest create a hole in your pocket. It ultimately ends with the compromises in your wedding. Everything should be perfect, and the couples should retain their smiles on their special occasion with all the luxurious set up at the wedding venue.

Among all the wedding reception venues in Jamaica, it is wise to choose one that works on your preferences, from ideas to wishes. ‘Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre’ offers different packages to comfort couples and guests. Let the centre execute the things, and everything will go in the exact required direction!

Wedding Reception Venues in Jamaica

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Planner for Your Wedding Ceremony in Jamaica

A perfect wedding is a coveted wish of all and sundry, but not everyone has the time or energy to plan every detail from invitations to seating arrangements. To get away with such hassles, couples nowadays prefer looking for ways to cut down on wedding planning costs and save time by hiring a good planner. Nowadays you can find a range of wedding planners available in the market catering to different budgets and needs for your wedding ceremony in Jamaica. Following are 3 reasons why you should choose a wedding package:

1. Saves Money
Weddings are expensive, so you must consider all costs beforehand. Hiring a planner will allow the couple to avoid racking up huge bills because they have contacts with professionals who do not charge much for their services and help to book one of the best wedding venues in Jamaica.

2. Hassle-Free Wedding
Professional wedding planners eliminate hassles related to organizing an event of this magnitude. They arrange everything from choosing wedding venues in Jamaica to sending invitations, or arranging for flowers, food and entertainment. With a good planner, the focus remains on the couple rather than preparing for the wedding itself.

3. Customised Wedding Package
Personalized wedding packages are the best part of hiring a wedding planner. You can hire planners for your wedding ceremony in Jamaica, according to your requirements. They cater to every need at affordable rates.

The ideal planner
Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is the best centre to conduct a wedding ceremony. It will provide a complete wedding package that saves a lot of time and money. All you need is to sit back and relax while the planner does all the work for you. Its experts will also help you select wedding venues in Jamaica at a lower cost.

Destination Wedding Venues in Jamaica

Wedding Packages in Jamaica – Making Your Moments Memorable

Jamaica, a large island in the Caribbean, is famous for its beauty and romantic setting for wedding ceremonies. A plethora of 5-star deluxe hotels and venues make Jamaica one of the best destinations for weddings. So why not opt from among the exciting honeymoon or wedding packages in Jamaica and make your life event a memorable one for years to come?

However, you need to go through the available wedding packages in Jamaica carefully. Get a general idea about the hotels, dining arrangements, and decorations, and then finalize the deal. Whatever your heart wishes is possible, as your efforts will turn your wedding occasion to be unforgettable. The same holds for selecting honeymoon packages in Jamaica as well.

Enjoy an extravagant wedding and honeymoon

It is an amazing idea to have a wedding on the beach, in the chapel, or on a boat! Your dream will turn into reality with wedding packages in Jamaica. Yes! If you wish to have an elaborate wedding in Jamaica, you can select from several resorts that will fit your fancy. After the wedding, continue to have a luxurious honeymoon trip on the island.

Your choice of honeymoon package in Jamaica will ensure to plan things properly beforehand, followed by their hassle-free implementation. The spotless and turquoise blue water of white sandy beaches with nature’s flora and fauna is sure to melt the heart of the newlyweds.

Consider the right time of the year for the wedding.

Make sure that you plan the visit to Jamaica at the right time of the year. Having your wedding during summertime is not ideal or else, plan it indoors. In fact, you can plan your wedding and honeymoon in the colder months. Even though you do not need to put on your snow boots and jackets, but the weather is pleasant during the winter months. So, go ahead and create everlasting memories in Jamaica.

If you are looking for an affordable and best package deal for a Jamaican wedding and honeymoon, you can always avail of outstanding services from Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre.

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Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre – Helping You Get the Best of Bridal Accessories

Planning a destination wedding can be a little stressful, but if successfully managed, it can turn out to be the most gratifying experience. Now that the bride and the groom are all set to tie the knot, it is high time to think about bridal accessories. To give a complete look to the couple these accessories are mandatory.

Even though countless items come under bridal accessories, you ought to buy the necessary ones that befit the D-day. No wonder, you also wish to have a fairy tale wedding. Isn’t it? Depending on your liking and taste, you have many options for wedding venues. Wedding souvenirs can make the occasion even more memorable for your guests.

Find a Perfect Beautiful Wedding Venue

If you are in search of a remote and serene wedding destination, then there is nothing like Jamaica. The resorts there will make you go crazy and if you have done prior bookings, then be sure to get best rates for Jamaican weddings. The island country has several resorts, which can prove to be a perfect destination for your wedding. Depending on the kind of ceremony you wish to conduct, you can ask them to arrange beforehand. Make sure that you opt for a resort that has beautiful view with a small beach party afterwards.

The best wedding planner

For easy and quick access, you can contact Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre and get the best possible rates. Therefore, if you are planning to do something unexpected for the wedding ceremony in Jamaica, you can have loads of choices. For instance, to add more excitement to the wedding, you can opt for customised wedding souvenirs as a remembrance for your guests. No doubt, it will add a different spark to the wedding ceremony. The renowned wedding planner can help you appreciably in buying the best of bridal accessories and wedding souvenirs.

wedding venues in Jamaica.

A Wedding Ceremony in Jamaica is a Treat to Remember

Destination wedding, the most recent trend is no easy feat. Setting off to an international destination to marry your soulmate needs considerable planning. The same holds, if you want to have your wedding ceremony in Jamaica. For all your important guests to be present in the wedding, you would require sending a tentative advance notice for ‘Save the Date’ like ‘Be ready to jet off to Jamaica in November, or something similar. Singling out one of the best wedding ceremony venues in Jamaica is equally essential.

Throw a fantastic wedding at Jamaica

Planning destination weddings can be a difficult job, but if you hire a wedding planner, things become a little easier. To seek assistance for a wedding ceremony in Jamaica, you can anytime rely on Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre. It will help you to select the location in Jamaica according to your number of guest lists.

No wonder, Jamaica is one of the most sought-after romantic destinations for ceremonies. You will come across several wedding ceremony venues in Jamaica with true stifling flair. Few of these are beach, chapel, or garden; you can choose as per your liking and preference.

Hire a wedding coordinator

Hiring a coordinator can help you out with all the important details starting from securing a marriage license to finding the best location for the ceremony. Some locations need booking well in advance say 9 to 10 months prior. So, you need to be a bit flexible about the date and plan your wedding ceremony in Jamaica accordingly so that you could have the wedding of your dreams.

The exotic destination weddings are truly a thrill of the unexpected if you are seeking the assistance of this renowned wedding planner. All you need is just to visit the venue, relax, and have fun at the wedding. You will experience the most unexpected things there. Yes, it will be like ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for you. Do not wait anymore, get the best deals from Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre and book one of the most amazing wedding venues in Jamaica.

Wedding Catering in Jamaica

Checklist to Follow Before Your Wedding Planning in Jamaica

Weddings are extremely special and intimate affairs, and the memories of the events stay with you forever. Talking about destination weddings, they are becoming popular in this generation, be it within the country or some exotic dream location elsewhere in the world.

Your ideal wedding planner

Moreover, if you have shortlisted Jamaica, the famous Caribbean island, to be your destination, it would be wise to explore the wedding packages in Jamaica at least 10-12 months prior. To help you with your wedding planning in Jamaica, you can always seek the assistance of Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre.

With over 27 years of experience in wedding planning and services, it has become an established name in Jamaica. Besides weddings, it hosts all kinds of special events like Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and Reception Parties, along with formal events like Seminars, Business meetings, and Luncheons.

Offers multiple services 

The renowned wedding planner offers all kinds of wedding packages in Jamaica that fit every budget. Prominent of these packages include the bridal party attire package, golden and platinum packages, and special occasion packages. Once you mention your requirements, the team of experts from Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre will take care of every detail. It will also look after various additional wedding requirements like renting bridal gowns, bridal bouquets, wedding cakes, and more.

Book your package smartly

As you are exploring wedding planning in Jamaica, you must be looking for a beautiful location. Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre offers stunning locations like The Melvina Martin Garden, which has grown to be one of the favourites. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority, and the team gives its best to make the day the most beautiful day of your life. The company offers personalized wedding packages in Jamaica along with exceptional services at honest pricing. So don’t wait; book your package in advance and make your life event even more memorable.

wedding planning and decoration in Jamaica

Make the Most of Your Jamaica Destination Wedding

What else can be more romantic and exciting than destination weddings? Moreover, if you manage to host it on the beautiful sandy beach or in the most craved hotel in the country, nothing can beat the enthusiasm. Indeed, destination weddings have a magical allure. So, are you planning a destination wedding in Jamaica?

If yes, then you need to be thorough about a few things like its location, accommodation, lodging, and cuisine arrangements. However, as you choose the best service provider to help you with a Jamaica destination wedding, you do not need to think much. These seasoned event planners can help you to choose from among the best wedding destinations in Jamaica. Just search for the best resort there and get it booked.

Opting for a destination wedding

Destination weddings have gained immense popularity over the past few years. With Jamaica being an economic nation alongside being the host to the best spots, it is the perfect venue for destination weddings. Still, it is good to know several essential things while planning a wedding in Jamaica. Since every country has different rules and regulations for weddings, so you need to follow them. You also need to have some backup if it rains all of a sudden. So plan the date for your Jamaica destination wedding accordingly and have a pleasurable destination wedding experience.

A Jamaican destination wedding is a wonderful opportunity for your family and friends to spend time with each other. A cocktail party at the beach is the best thing for the guests to attend at the beach. You can rely on Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre for all your destination wedding requirements. It will offer you the best possible deals and offers. Just do not wait anymore and contact the company today to choose one of the best wedding destinations in Jamaica.


Wedding Reception in Jamaica

Make Merry with the Discount Wedding Packages in Jamaica

Everyday of our life is valuable, but some days become milestones. Marriage is one such major milestone in the lives of the two people who make this big decision, a success together. Every couple deserves a perfect wedding day according to their desires. The destination wedding packages in Jamaica by Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre befits this cause. The renowned wedding organiser makes the event quite hassle free through its efficient arrangements.

Organising a wedding can be quite frustrating because of the colossal amount of tasks involved. The motto of Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre is to take the management worries off your shoulders so that you can enjoy all the moments and create memories that bring a smile to your face decades later.

Why Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre?

Here are some of the reasons to trust them with your big day:

  1. Experience

The company has been arranging weddings for 25 years now. It is well aware of all the intricate details, which you might miss while planning things on your own.

  1. Feasible

The prices for the services it offers are budget-friendly. In addition, you can also benefit from the discount wedding packages in Jamaica it keeps introducing now and then.

  1. One Stop

It takes care of everything right from your venue to your gown and tuxedo. So, you just need to go to one place, which will arrange everything for you. Especially if you are looking for destination wedding packages in Jamaica, this is just the right agency to opt for.

To conclude, if you wish to try out these services, feel free to browse through the website of Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre, and book your free consultation appointment now. Your wedding day can be anything you imagine with destination wedding packages in Jamaica.

Discount Wedding Packages in Jamaica

Celebrate your Big Day with Discount Wedding Packages in Jamaica

Destination wedding is the latest trend in today’s time. You must have heard about it for sure! It is a kind of wedding for which you have to travel to a particular destination.  So, if you too are planning a destination wedding, there is no dearth of venues for the same in Jamaica. Surrounded by Caribbean Sea, the place offers an extensive array of superb venues. The tropical climate enables you to opt for lush garden venues as well as cool rivers that flow in breathtaking waterfalls. Jamaica wedding venues are sure to add special flair to the Big Day of the couple. Especially when they are a part of the discount wedding packages in Jamaica.

Arrangement for destination weddings

The guest list for destination weddings incorporates a very small number of people. Since, there would be few guests, such weddings are among the most economical ones as compared to the traditional weddings. No wonder, it involves more planning and set-up and this is the reason why you must hire a professional wedding specialist.

You can easily trust Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre for all your wedding requirements. It is a daunting task to plan your wedding in a different country all by your own. You will find its wedding packages designed specifically to cater the needs of different categories of people. If something is beyond your budget, then you can go for our discount wedding packages in Jamaica. The agency assures perfection on your D Day.

Your dream wedding

If one of the Jamaica wedding venues is your dream destination, then just go for it. You will surely see your dream turn into reality. Just imagine your wedding in a botanical garden overseeing the ocean. It would indeed be a great scene and you could make this imagination come true by approaching Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre.

Wedding Catering in Jamaica

Creating Affordable and Beautiful Weddings for You

Everyone wants a beautiful wedding with all the works but is it affordable? Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre offers every couple a personalised dream wedding within their budget. Take a look at why you should choose them for your wedding ceremony in Jamaica.

The Midweek Package
Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre offers the best of discount wedding packages in Jamaica. Their midweek package is affordable and customizable. Decorations include an arch, the gazebo and the pew blockers. Their beautiful ivory chair covers will be covered in sashes that will match the colour scheme of your wedding. Cake plates, forks, champagne glasses and the cake veil will be tastefully arranged on the cake table. At the reception, your guests will be served by well- dressed, trained wait staff. Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre is known for their delectable and fresh food and the midweek package offers an appetizer, entrée, mains, dessert, fruit punch and a non-alcoholic wine to go with the food.

The Bridal Party Attire Package
Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre offers their guests, bridal and wedding rental items that can be taken two days prior to the ceremony and returned soon after. They have everything you will ever need for the ceremony. The package includes gowns and accessories for the bride and the bridesmaids, dresses for the flower girls and tuxedos for the bridegroom and the best men. Boutonnieres, ring pillows, baskets with petals, necklace sets, corsages and bouquets, garters and hair accessories are some of the many items that are offered to complete your wedding ceremony in Jamaica. You can also buy wedding souvenirs, guest books, unity candles, cake boxes, cake toppers and wedding cakes from Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre store.

Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre will leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that your wedding day is truly memorable.