Wedding Catering in Jamaica

How Hiring The Best Wedding Planner Can Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre has been planning weddings successfully in Jamaica for years and strives to make wedding days extra special. They are committed to ensuring that families can come together to celebrate love. Read on to know how.

Colour-coordinate everything to evoke elegance

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is passionate about ensuring that its clients have the most special wedding day. That is why their wedding planning in Jamaica is thorough, with extra attention given to all details, even the furniture at the wedding. From the colour of the chair covers to the cutlery, to the cloth napkins, and the table runners, they ensure that everything at the wedding venue so that it exudes class and elegance.

Bridal accessories to celebrate your journey

Bridal accessories are a great way to symbolize your journey of love as you celebrate your union with your significant other. At Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre, you can avail many bridal accessories, including tiaras, jewellery sets, veils, and gloves. These accessories will make you look like the princess you are as you march towards your prince on your big day. They serve as a reminder of your celebration of love and can be handed down to your children as an heirloom. This way, your love will be celebrated across generations for ages to come.

Wedding souvenirs to remember the day

Weddings are special because you get to share the joy of your union with the ones you love most. And what better way to show them that you appreciate their presence on your special day than by presenting them with wedding souvenirs? In addition to being a token of your gratitude, they also serve as a reminder of your day of love. At Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre, they provide multiple options of souvenirs to choose from. From personalized knives, mugs, spoons, décor, candles, to frames, you can pick the souvenir that your guests will most enjoy. They decorate them in an elegant manner that the guests will remember and appreciate for years to come.