Wedding Packages in Jamaica – Making Your Moments Memorable

Jamaica, a large island in the Caribbean, is famous for its beauty and romantic setting for wedding ceremonies. A plethora of 5-star deluxe hotels and venues make Jamaica one of the best destinations for weddings. So why not opt from among the exciting honeymoon or wedding packages in Jamaica and make your life event a memorable one for years to come?

However, you need to go through the available wedding packages in Jamaica carefully. Get a general idea about the hotels, dining arrangements, and decorations, and then finalize the deal. Whatever your heart wishes is possible, as your efforts will turn your wedding occasion to be unforgettable. The same holds for selecting honeymoon packages in Jamaica as well.

Enjoy an extravagant wedding and honeymoon

It is an amazing idea to have a wedding on the beach, in the chapel, or on a boat! Your dream will turn into reality with wedding packages in Jamaica. Yes! If you wish to have an elaborate wedding in Jamaica, you can select from several resorts that will fit your fancy. After the wedding, continue to have a luxurious honeymoon trip on the island.

Your choice of honeymoon package in Jamaica will ensure to plan things properly beforehand, followed by their hassle-free implementation. The spotless and turquoise blue water of white sandy beaches with nature’s flora and fauna is sure to melt the heart of the newlyweds.

Consider the right time of the year for the wedding.

Make sure that you plan the visit to Jamaica at the right time of the year. Having your wedding during summertime is not ideal or else, plan it indoors. In fact, you can plan your wedding and honeymoon in the colder months. Even though you do not need to put on your snow boots and jackets, but the weather is pleasant during the winter months. So, go ahead and create everlasting memories in Jamaica.

If you are looking for an affordable and best package deal for a Jamaican wedding and honeymoon, you can always avail of outstanding services from Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre.

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Why Should You Choose Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre in Jamaica?

Everything from the hills to the beaches makes Jamaica scenic, gorgeous and satisfying. Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre offers the best of honeymoon packages in Jamaica.

It’s the Best Bridal Centre in Jamaica

As one of the largest and most competitive bridal centres in Jamaica, Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre boasts of owning two spectacular locations, one in Kingston and the other at St. Ann. The centre offers a wide range of services, right from consultation to customized packages. It works together with the client to meticulously plan the floral arrangements, bouquets, accessories, invites, rooms, catering, the venue, and the honeymoon as well. As for honeymoon packages in Jamaica, you will find only the best, to make your getaway memorable and so full of love and tranquility. The dedicated staff ensures that your stay is hassle-free and relaxing. Each service is personalized, exceptional and absolutely affordable.

It Offers the Best Honeymoon Package in Jamaica

Your romantic honeymoon getaway in Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre will begin with a chilled bottled of sparkling wine or champagne and a plate of freshly cut tropical fruit. You can choose to enjoy a delicious Jamaican breakfast from the privacy of your room or under the shade of the Guango tree. The blue azure sea and the hillsides bring with them a cool breeze that adds that extra magic to the ambience. As part of honeymoon packages in Jamaica, you can enjoy a lovely candlelight dinner either by the Rock Garden or by the Poolside. The housekeeping staff are well trained, and the rooms well equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, Wi-Fi, television, cable connection, a refrigerator and a hairdryer. You and your partner will have access to a large, well-maintained swimming pool and a private white sand beach.

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre promises to bring your fantasies and desires to life.

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Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre: The Place Where Wedding Adventures Begin

Planning a tropical wedding and honeymoon from thousands of miles away is no easy task. Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre in Jamaica is the go-to venue to make your dreams come true.

Your Honeymoon Adventure

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre offers the best among all the available Honeymoon Packages In Jamaica. They are situated in the most stunning location on the beautiful Jamaican island. The honeymoon couple will be treated to the best in service, food, and stay. A chilled bottle of sparkling wine of champagne will welcome you along with a plate of fresh, exotic fruit. Here you will experience tranquility and privacy. From delicious breakfast to made-to-order dinner, you will get to enjoy the best of Jamaica’s dishes. Relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy your honeymoon vacation in a well-furnished room with an en suite bathroom. Air conditioning and fans are included to ensure that you stay cool under the Jamaican sun. You can enjoy the cool breeze under the shade of the Guango tree that faces the deep blue Caribbean Sea or takes a romantic walk on an off-property white sandy beach. As part of your package, a candlelight dinner will be arranged by the Poolside or the Rock Garden.

Your Forever Starts Here

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is where couples can create unique personalised weddings that it within their budget. Consultation is free, and guests are encouraged to call, visit, or email their queries and requests. Situated in Dubloon Hill, Cardiff, Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre offers its guests a scenic luxury stay. You can check-in at 3 pm and check out at 12 noon, and the owners promise only the very best. With so many years of experience, commitment, and passion, they will add a lot of special and personal touches that will symbolise your special love day. From Discount Wedding Package to wedding accessories, every arrangement will be organised perfectly. The owners also offer additional services like pre-wedding counseling, wedding cakes, souvenirs, and so much more.

Begin your forever story at Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre to create memories that will last a lifetime.