Wedding Catering in Jamaica

Checklist to Follow Before Your Wedding Planning in Jamaica

Weddings are extremely special and intimate affairs, and the memories of the events stay with you forever. Talking about destination weddings, they are becoming popular in this generation, be it within the country or some exotic dream location elsewhere in the world.

Your ideal wedding planner

Moreover, if you have shortlisted Jamaica, the famous Caribbean island, to be your destination, it would be wise to explore the wedding packages in Jamaica at least 10-12 months prior. To help you with your wedding planning in Jamaica, you can always seek the assistance of Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre.

With over 27 years of experience in wedding planning and services, it has become an established name in Jamaica. Besides weddings, it hosts all kinds of special events like Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and Reception Parties, along with formal events like Seminars, Business meetings, and Luncheons.

Offers multiple services 

The renowned wedding planner offers all kinds of wedding packages in Jamaica that fit every budget. Prominent of these packages include the bridal party attire package, golden and platinum packages, and special occasion packages. Once you mention your requirements, the team of experts from Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre will take care of every detail. It will also look after various additional wedding requirements like renting bridal gowns, bridal bouquets, wedding cakes, and more.

Book your package smartly

As you are exploring wedding planning in Jamaica, you must be looking for a beautiful location. Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre offers stunning locations like The Melvina Martin Garden, which has grown to be one of the favourites. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority, and the team gives its best to make the day the most beautiful day of your life. The company offers personalized wedding packages in Jamaica along with exceptional services at honest pricing. So don’t wait; book your package in advance and make your life event even more memorable.

Destination Wedding Venues in Jamaica

Celebrate Your Love in the Perfect Way at Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre

Jamaica is the perfect package when it comes to planning a wedding. The clear blue waters, stunning scenery, warm sunny weather and top-notch wedding centres are just some of the many reasons why this Caribbean island is a perfect choice.

Begin Your Day Of Love At The Cecille Garden & Wedding Centre

When it comes to planning a wedding in Jamaica, the Cecille Garden & Wedding Centre can offer a magical experience. Drawing inspiration from your love story, we will help you plan, execute and celebrate your wedding day. Started by Cecille and Mike, this gorgeous venue is located at one of the best locations in Jamaica. We are a one-stop wedding centre, taking care of the décor, catering, attire, invitations and so much more. Our team is driven by a desire for enthusiasm, excellence and creativity. At Cecille Garden & Wedding Centre, we don’t just specialise in luxury but also in creating a warm, personalised ambience for you and your loved one.

What’s In It For You At The Cecille Garden & Wedding Centre?

At the heart of Cecille Garden & Wedding Centre, is the mission to give each couple and family a personalised touch. We take time to listen to your plans and dreams, and then we discuss possibilities and suggest alternatives or ideas. We work out the best possible package as part of your wedding planning in Jamaica. While we are the largest bridal centre in Jamaica, we like to ensure that we create magical weddings to suit every budget and preference with no hidden costs. We encourage couples to come in for a free consultation and take us up on our one of a kind offer.

At the Cecille Garden & Wedding Centre, we are passionate about planning a wedding in Jamaica that’s a heady mix of romance and relaxation.


Wedding Catering Jamaica

Say ‘I Do’ At Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre

Beautiful Jamaica, nestled in the Caribbean Sea, is exactly where you want to say ‘I do.’ For everything else that’s part of the Wedding Planning in Jamaica, you only need Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre.

Who Are We?

Twenty-six years ago, Cecille and Mike tied the knot and then a few months later began Cecille’s Bridal Boutique, a place where brides could rent designer wedding gowns from. As their business grew, they decided to move it from Lancaster road to a shop located in South Dale Plaza at Half-Way-Tree. Once the property at Lancaster Road, Eastwood Park Gardens, Kingston 10, was renovated, they moved back there. The stunning venue consists of The Mykea Shanee Banquet Hall, which can accommodate close to 135 guests. Around 80 guests can fit in The Nia-Simone Ballroom, while 35 people can be seated at the Marklon Fabian Executive Suite. The Melvina Martin brick Garden at Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is picture-perfect for its scenic background, which makes or incredible wedding photos. For those who are avid nature lovers, the Murashea Sekou Garden Patio is both serene and exquisite. Recently the owners of Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre have acquired a brand new property at Ocean View Runaway Bay at 5 Dubloon Hill, Cardiff Hall.

What To Expect?

With two stunning properties in Kingston and St Ann, Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre continues to be the best and largest wedding centre in Jamaica. Apart from offering a wide range of wedding services, no one does Wedding Catering in Jamaica like them. Receptions are planned according to the taste of the couple and budget. Professional wait staff will provide the best in plated service. Guests will get to enjoy the deliciously prepared foods, beginning with an appetiser, followed by an entrée and then dessert. Commitment, passion, and professionalism can be seen in every detail. Their services include a free consultation, a wedding assistant, affordable packages, bridal attire and accessories, cutlery, souvenirs, and even a minister.

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is unique because they add that special personal family touch.


Wedding Reception in Jamaica

Let Your Senses Come Alive In Beautiful Jamaica

As an island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for its scenic beauty, lush vegetation, stunning beaches, tropical weather and the perfect place for romance. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should have your destination wedding in Jamaica.

World-class Resorts and Hospitality

The resorts at Jamaica have world-class facilities without compromising on nature and the homely personal feel. Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre are Jamaica’s top bridal centres that boast of great location and the best in facilities. Most of all they take pride in providing services that are professional and yet passionate. In Jamaica, you can be assured of luxury and nature blended beautifully. It is no surprise that Jamaica was awarded the World’s Most Romantic Destination and Leading Wedding Destination multiple times.

Ease Of Travel and Stunning Scenery

Wedding Planning in Jamaica

Whether it is to have your wedding or celebrate your wedding anniversary in Jamaica, you can do so without a worry. From the U.S it takes under 3 hours by flight and all you need is a passport to do so. In a couple of hours, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view of the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by natural beauty, Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre offer the most spectacular backdrops to have your wedding ceremony and celebrations. Your photos will be stunning with all those beautiful Jamaican sunsets, beaches and tropical flora.

Food, Fun and Good Weather

Having been a British Colony in the past, English is well spoken by the locals and you will never face any communication barriers. To add to the convenience, Jamaica has delightful tropical weather all year long. It’s sunshine and warmth most of the time except or the monsoon months, which are beautiful in their own way. If you are adventurous you can sample authentic Jamaican food, its local flavours, museums, music and most definitely its adventures spots. Stay at Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre for a more relaxed stay or be part of waterfall tours or even zipline.

Therefore, whether you are wedding planning in Jamaica or honeymooning, there’s something for everyone, leaving you happy, relaxed and satisfied.

Bride Groom Seating

Jamaica: Island of Romance, Nature, Vibrancy, and Magic

The gorgeous beaches, the clear blue waters, the zesty food, fun music, and the vibrant people make planning a wedding in Jamaica, worthwhile. Take a look at some of the best wedding locations available.

Romantic Resorts in Jamaica

Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre are nestled in a quiet little place known as Dubloon Hill, Cardiff Runaway Bay. The atmosphere is relaxing, calm, and green. Perfect for the wedding ceremony as well as the honeymoon, the resort is a resort that promises to offer a first-class service to its guests. Their hospitality team will also assist in any way to make your stay meaningful and romantic. The resort is also known for its beautiful gardens and stunning beach side view. The venue offers its space or destination weddings as well as a whole lot of activities. Jamaica is also famous for its white sands and breathtakingly beautiful beaches that are alluring, romantic, and almost magical. You can bask in the sun and get the full Jamaican experience as you enjoy the Caribbean Sea. The resort also offers its guests customized packages if they are planning a wedding in Jamaica.

Wedding planning

Must Visit Places in Jamaica

There are plenty of options if you want to savor the life, food, and entertainment of Jamaica. The location allows its guests to experience the stunning Jamaican sunsets as well as dive from a cliff into the beautiful blue waters. The guests can choose to lounge and take in the beautiful scenery or enjoy a candlelight dinner. After you’ve had your wedding reception in Jamaica, it’s a good idea to visit the popular river Falls, take part in adventure activities, purchase locally made crafts and climb up beautiful hills and waterfalls.

The island of Jamaica is blessed with the beauty and romance to make your wedding/reception delightful, magical, and memorable one.