Wedding Souvenirs in Jamaica

Three Ancillary Services We Provide

Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre is a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs. Not only do we
provide beautiful venues and delicious wedding feasts, but we also provide ancillary services that
help complete the wedding. Some of our most popular products are bridal accessories, wedding
souvenirs, and wedding suits. Read on to know more.

Bridal accessories for your special day
Bridal accessories make every wedding extra special because it adds a little extra magic to the day.
Some of our popular bridal accessories include intricately designed tiaras, birdcage veils, veils for the
wedding gown, flower girl baskets, necklace and earring sets, pillows covered with silk fabric and a
sash to carry these wedding rings, bridal gloves, bridal bouquets, etc.

Wedding souvenirs to remember the day
Wedding souvenirs are the best way to remember your magical day. We provide many types of
wedding souvenirs, so your guests can take a piece of your magical day back home with them. We
provide salt and pepper shakers shaped like love birds, photo frames, candle holders, butter knives,
kissing swans, bottle openers, flip-flop bottle openers, heart-shaped measuring spoons, palm tree
bottle openers, heart-shaped salt and pepper shakers, and many more souvenirs. The items can be
customized with words on them, according to the wishes of the couple.

Wedding suits for the dapper men
Oftentimes, the groom and his groomsmen are overlooked during weddings. True, the wedding
ceremony is the bride’s time to shine like the angel she is, but it is also the time for her knight in
shining armour to look the part. And at Cecille’s Garden & Wedding Centre, we take care to ensure
that the groom and his men look dapper. We provide stylish wedding suits and tuxedos for both the
groom and the groomsmen. The suits can be bought or rented. The most popular colour
combinations are white and blue, grey and blue, beige and green, black and gold, and black and
maroon. We also provide colour-coordinated vests, bowties, ties, and boutonnières so the groom
and his groomsmen look dapper through the day.

Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Affordable Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Planning a destination wedding in Jamaica can seem exotic but it can be pricey and stressing too. Here are some ways you can have the wedding of your dreams without burning a hole in your pocket.

Book a Package and Go Local

wedding souvenirs

From planning the décor, selecting the photographer, choosing between floral arrangements, and trying to shop for wedding suits, you can feel stressed and rushed. A good way to start is to try to incorporate the Jamaican culture and food into the ceremony. Choose from local cuisines, native refreshments, and destination flavour. Bridal centres like Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre offer wedding packages that take care of the details like wedding souvenirs within your budget. Couples can avail of their free consultation services to work out the venue, colours, décor and music. Even the meals and drinks for guests are taken care of in a professional and responsible way.

Keep It Intimate and Savour the Scenery 

A destination wedding involves many costs, from hosting the wedding to flying and accommodating your guests. It is prudent to have a small intimate gathering of fewer than 30 guests to keep the wedding beautiful and affordable. Even the services you provide at the wedding can be unique and classy because of the small numbers. Another smart way of keeping the costs low is to utilize the natural scenic beauty of the place and to have the celebration on a weekday. Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre have the Melvina Martin Garden and The Murashea Sekou Garden Patio, both serene and exquisite locations for the wedding ceremony, photography and reception. You can also avail of their discounted wedding packages that are the best in Jamaica.

Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre promise to transform your destination wedding fantasy into a magical reality.

Bridal Crown For Wedding Reception

Making Memories in Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre

Once the question has been popped, the ring placed on the finger and the wedding date is chosen, the next most important thing to do is to choose where the ceremony will take place and that is where Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre comes in.

Personalized Ceremony Packages

If you are dreaming of a beautiful Caribbean wedding then Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre will help you plan the big event. With several packages to choose from, couples will be able to visualize every detail and find one that suits every taste and budget. When it comes to Wedding Catering in Jamaica, you and your guests will get to indulge in some tantalizing Jamaican food. A well-balanced combination of vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes will cater to every palate. The Wedding Centre also provides a 2-3 tiered wedding cake along with cake plates and cake servers. Finally, you can gift your guests a personalized wedding souvenir to remember your special day.

A Honeymoon to Remember

A honeymoon in Jamaica is like no other experience. The blue sparkling sea, the white sands, the lush vegetation, the picturesque waterfalls, and the exuberant culture all make for a memorable honeymoon. Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre offer a beautiful cottage with professional housekeeping staff. As you enter your room, a refreshing plate of fresh fruit and a bottle of chilled wine or champagne will welcome you. You have the choice to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast either in the privacy of your room or under the beautiful Guango tree with a mesmerizing view of the azure sea. Take the romance up a notch, as you have your candlelight dinner by the Rock Garden or the Poolside as you gaze at each other.

Serving you with the very best in the venue, décor, food, Wedding Souvenirs and accessories, Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre in Jamaica is the place to make your special memories.