Wedding Reception in Jamaica

Let Your Senses Come Alive In Beautiful Jamaica

As an island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for its scenic beauty, lush vegetation, stunning beaches, tropical weather and the perfect place for romance. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should have your destination wedding in Jamaica.

World-class Resorts and Hospitality

The resorts at Jamaica have world-class facilities without compromising on nature and the homely personal feel. Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre are Jamaica’s top bridal centres that boast of great location and the best in facilities. Most of all they take pride in providing services that are professional and yet passionate. In Jamaica, you can be assured of luxury and nature blended beautifully. It is no surprise that Jamaica was awarded the World’s Most Romantic Destination and Leading Wedding Destination multiple times.

Ease Of Travel and Stunning Scenery

Wedding Planning in Jamaica

Whether it is to have your wedding or celebrate your wedding anniversary in Jamaica, you can do so without a worry. From the U.S it takes under 3 hours by flight and all you need is a passport to do so. In a couple of hours, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view of the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by natural beauty, Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre offer the most spectacular backdrops to have your wedding ceremony and celebrations. Your photos will be stunning with all those beautiful Jamaican sunsets, beaches and tropical flora.

Food, Fun and Good Weather

Having been a British Colony in the past, English is well spoken by the locals and you will never face any communication barriers. To add to the convenience, Jamaica has delightful tropical weather all year long. It’s sunshine and warmth most of the time except or the monsoon months, which are beautiful in their own way. If you are adventurous you can sample authentic Jamaican food, its local flavours, museums, music and most definitely its adventures spots. Stay at Cecille’s Garden and Wedding Centre for a more relaxed stay or be part of waterfall tours or even zipline.

Therefore, whether you are wedding planning in Jamaica or honeymooning, there’s something for everyone, leaving you happy, relaxed and satisfied.

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